Constipation “natural enemy” found, not honey is not banana, a small action, defecation more smooth

Constipation is a very common phenomenon in our life. Many young people suffer from constipation for a long time. But this condition is much more common in older people. Why is that?

Why is old people constipation easy?

Constipation favors the elderly for the following reasons:

  1. Degeneration of digestion

The functions of various organs in the body of the elderly will decline with the increase of age, so will the digestive function, such as gastric acid secretion, pancreatic secretion, intestinal absorption function, etc., will gradually decline and weaken, and the digestion and absorption function of the stomach for food will also slow down.

In addition, the smooth muscles of the stomach and intestines are also relaxed, which slows down the speed at which the stomach moves food to the duodenum, causing peristalsis to slow down, resulting in food residues remaining in the stomach for a long time, resulting in constipation.

2, less activity

Many elderly people are unable to do daily exercise because of perennial illness. Lack of reasonable exercise will lead to worse and worse state of the body, gastrointestinal peristalsis speed will therefore slow, lack of defecation power will also occur, leading to constipation in the elderly.

  1. Disease factors

The elderly suffer from diabetes, hypokalemia and other diseases, will be combined with nervous system dysfunction, resulting in inability to defecate, so you go to constipation. In addition, some elderly people still have combined cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, degenerative osteoarthritis, etc., can also induce constipation.

  1. Psychological factors

Many older adults suffer from depression, anxiety and nervousness, which impair the body’s sense of the desire to defecate and suppress the defecation reflex. Some elderly people suffer from hemorrhoids, anal fissure, etc., when defecating, there will be pain and bleeding phenomenon, so as to fear defecation, causing constipation.

Constipation can self massage treatment!

If you are often disturbed by constipation, you might as well try the method of rubbing your abdomen.

When massaging, keep your knees bent in the supine position, bring your legs together on the bed and relax your abs. Place the palm of your hand just above your navel and massage clockwise along the path of your colon, from right to left, using all four fingers except your thumb. Massage to the left lower abdomen, you can appropriately increase the intensity, at this time to increase the intensity is to increase the stimulation of the intestinal tract, play a role in promoting defecation.

Breathe normally while pressing. Don’t hold your breath. Abdominal hump when inhalation, abdomen sag when exhalation, the suggestion is done before defecation, 10 minutes or so each time. Before massage, we should pay attention to rubbing and heating our hands. If conditions allow, we can also use a hot towel to apply the lower abdomen, which can play a better effect.

Extension: Is it OK for the elderly to use the kaixilu?

Many elderly people expressed doubt: my use of carcerol at the beginning was quite effective, why less and less effective?

In fact, under unnecessary circumstances, it is not recommended to use the treatment of constipation. Because treatment can only be used as a temporary relief of an emergency measure, long-term use of to relieve constipation, will make the body form a dependency, there is no without the phenomenon, can not fundamentally solve the problem.

Want to solve constipation fundamentally, must go up from diet, living habit improvement. Daily attention should be paid to appropriately increase the amount of exercise, a light diet, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and develop regular defecation habits, all of which can help to improve constipation.

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