Super Quasi-Psychological Test: Pick one of four trees and find out the biggest flaw in your personality!

Tree personality test is a very popular and mature test and treatment method in clinical psychology. Choose the one you feel most about the following four trees:

Choose A
In your life, you are quick-witted, sincere, and charming. Thinking, action conversion is very fast, know flexibility. Like to make friends, have good verbal expression ability and infectious, easy to accept new things, do not like dull. Energetic in work and study, high efficiency, agile working ability and leadership skills, like to engage in a variety of jobs. Good at active atmosphere, making jokes, in the full self-control of the case, will show great enthusiasm.

Loophole: easy to escape in the face of pressure, lack of patience in the aspect of willpower, perseverance is not strong, easy to shift attention, emotional volatility, unstable.

Easy to suffer from diseases: vertigo, headache, tinnitus, hand and foot numbness, tremor, hemiplegia, etc.

Fix bugs: keep your feet on the ground, finish the job well, avoid impetuosity, and match your flexible, amiable, and quick-witted side, you’ll be more perfect.

Choice B
In your life, you are an energetic, perfectionist, and constantly improving person. Cheerful disposition, warm, frank and direct, keep promises, do not like to beat around the bush and play games. In the work of vigorous, flexible thinking, often with great enthusiasm to work, vigorous and vigorous. Speaks fast and loud. Strong willpower, not afraid of setbacks, in overcoming difficulties on the brave and decisive and firm and indomitable.

The bug: Your understanding of a problem tends to be sketchy and superficial. Emotion is not delicate enough, sometimes inadvertently slander others. Emotionally unstable, argumentative, impulsive and emotional.

Vulnerable to diseases: infectious diseases and digestive system diseases, such as fever, sore throat, ulcers, indigestion and other diseases.

Repair loopholes: in interpersonal communication should be calm and calm, good at controlling their emotions, do bold, straightforward but not impatient.

Choose C
You come across as a confident, energetic, smooth, image-conscious person. You are competitive, you like to compare yourself to others, you measure your worth in terms of your accomplishments, and you are fully committed to pursuing goals that you enjoy. They are not good at expressing their inner feelings. They are afraid of being denied. They hope to get everyone’s attention and admiration. Constantly striving for excellence and wanting to make a difference.

The bug: You have narcissistic tendencies and a fear of intimacy, fear of being seen in a bad light and feeling less than perfect, which makes it difficult to be open and honest with others.

Easy to suffer from diseases: easy to dry mouth, bitter mouth, chest tightness, fatigue, loss of appetite, easy to panic, syncope, etc.

Fix the bug: No one is perfect, and the true version of yourself is the best version of you, so if you’re willing to live your life the way you are, you’ll be happier.

Choose D
In life, you are a calm, modest, quiet and steady person. You embody the doctrine of the mean. You have a steady attitude towards people, don’t like empty talk, and moderate interpersonal communication. Emotional stability, good at self-control and patience, encounter unpleasant things are also quiet, and do not often show their talents. Stable attention, lasting, delicate mind, like meditation, work cautious and meticulous, never reckless.

Loophole: lack of security, need to be accepted, tend to think the worst when things happen, some things are not flexible enough, not good at shifting their attention, lack of flexibility.

Easy to suffer from diseases: fear of cold, edema, constipation, vomiting, hemorrhoids and other diseases.

Fix the bug: not all hearts are evil, open your heart and let others know more about your inner feelings in order to communicate and reach common ground.

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