“Blocking” Diabetes, 7 Tips to Stay Away From Diabetes

Excessive body fat is one of the causes of diabetes. People who are obese usually have too much fat in the subcutaneous tissues. Inadequate diet causes fat accumulation to be eliminated from the body. Diabetes develops over time, so some obese people worry that they will develop diabetes. In fact, as long as obese people develop good living habits, paying attention to dietary conditioning can prevent the onset of the disease.

“Blocking” Diabetes, Using these 7 Methods to Stay Away From Diabetes

How can obesity prevent diabetes?

1, control the intake of oil and salt

Obesity people who suffer from excessive oil and salt intake can easily cause high blood fat and fatty liver problems. The daily salt intake should be controlled at three grams.

2, the amount of eating fish, eggs

You can usually eat more fish, eggs, lean meat, poultry, etc., which are rich in high-quality protein, which helps to break down fat and control blood sugar.

“Blocking” Diabetes, Using these 7 Methods to Stay Closer to Diabetes


3, food diversification, mainly cereals

Eat at least 20 kinds of food every day, so that it can be beneficial to the body needs nutrition, in daily life should eat more whole grains, such as grains or beans, is conducive to promoting food digestion, and can control the stability of blood sugar.

4, proper exercise

In daily life, proper exercise should be carried out so that it can promote the blood circulation of the whole body and help to break down fat. However, the exercise time must be more than half an hour to achieve the effect. Tiredness, weight control.

“Blocking” Diabetes, Using these 7 Methods to Stay Closer to Diabetes


5, a reasonable diet

In the three meals a day should be regular quantitative, to avoid overeating, three meals a day should be a scientific match, try not to eat snacks, life can eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts or dairy products can also be used as snacks.

6, to drink enough water

1600 ml of water should be guaranteed every day, so that it can help to dilute the fat in the blood, promote blood circulation in the body, avoid drinking carbonated drinks and foods with high sugar content, otherwise it will increase the risk of diabetes.

“Blocking” Diabetes, Using these 7 Methods to Stay Closer to Diabetes


7. Quit tobacco and alcohol

There are a lot of young people who are under pressure from work and must drink alcohol, but they must eat properly before drinking so as to reduce the harm of alcohol to the body.


Obesity has a high chance of getting diabetes, so prevention is the most important thing in life, proper exercise, reasonable diet, and good weight control. To develop good living habits and minimize entertainment for drinking, if you must drink, avoid fasting and drink, otherwise greater harm to the body, and maintain a positive attitude of optimism and reduce psychological pressure.

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