Psychological test: What kind of image are you in a friend’s heart?

We will meet different people every day, and then become friends with similar personality. Do you know what kind of image you are in a friend’s heart? Today I am going to do a small test, please choose one of the following options, the author will use professional psychological knowledge to give you a professional analysis.

Topic: Walking on the street suddenly feels very thirsty. Which kind of drink would you choose to quench your thirst?

A, frozen soda

B, delicious milk tea

C, delicate yogurt

D, pleasant green tea

E, sweet and sour juice

F, mineral water


Choose A
Overall, you are not suitable to be a leader, and you lack the potential in this area. However, you have a good reputation in the circle of friends, even the most popular one. The reason is mainly related to your personality traits. Your thoughts are relatively simple and belong to people who are enthusiastic and will not play the game. You always treat others with sincerity, so people around you will trust you.

Choose B
You are a more lively type of personality, and the speech is very funny. So in the eyes of your friends, it is a pistachio that brings happiness. Your friends are very happy to be with you, with you, they will feel very relaxed, without great thoughts. But I suggest you, don’t always be embarrassed, because sometimes it will give people a feeling of being unreliable.

Choose C
You are a more introverted personality, and the first impression is usually too cold, making others feel that you are hard to reach. For those who don’t know you, you may even feel that you are not pleasing to the eye. However, after a period of time, they will have a big change, and they will find that you are very sincere and a reliable friend.

Choose D
Your character is also introverted, but more shy and unnatural. So in your friends, you are a relatively inconspicuous one. Many things don’t like the limelight. Even if you have opinions and opinions, you can’t dare to speak out. Therefore, your suggestion is to participate in some gatherings and improve your own eye.

Choose E
Among your friends, the impression you left is always innocent and lovely, and speaking and acting are naturally unpretentious. So because of this, there will be many friends who like to socialize with you. However, you also have your own shortcomings, that is, they will not take care of the feelings of others, and always pay more attention to themselves, so sometimes, they will leave a capricious impression. Your popularity is good, you have to learn to control your emotions.

Choose F
The impression you give is usually deeper, mainly related to your personality, and you have a strong defense against others. Of course, your nature is not bad, more is the instinct of self-protection. The advice to you is not to do anything too deliberate, to be bold and try, in order to increase your popularity.

Through the above analysis, it is not difficult to see that your impression of your friends is mainly depends on your personality characteristics. Therefore, the author suggests that you should reflect more on yourself and slowly improve your personality.


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