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Modern society, as the pace of life quickens, social competition intensifies, people bear increasing pressure, also have more and more friends discover, their memory seems to be worse and worse, how should this do after all?

The cause of “poor memory”

Memory is the process of remembering, maintaining, reproducing or recognizing the things experienced by the human brain. It is also the basis of advanced psychological activities such as thinking and imagination.

According to relevant research, from the age of 20 to the mid-30s, people experience a continuous and regular decline in memory, whether it is short-term memory, long-term memory or the speed of information processing. Therefore, memory loss is also a normal phenomenon.


However, in the case of abnormal memory loss, it is mainly a combination of acquired factors, with a small genetic component.

Bad habits chronic lack of sleep, lack of exercise, excessive alcohol and tobacco.
Mental pressure long-term excessive anxiety depression, psychological pressure is too large, so that the brain is too tired, interfere with the memory process, but there is no damage to the brain structure. * This memory loss is functional, temporary, and reversible.

Physical diseases: suffering from vitamin deficiency, chronic sinusitis, hypothyroidism, depression, neurasthenia, atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes and other diseases. : : Seek medical attention and take medication as soon as possible.
Side Effects of Drugs Some drugs used to treat insomnia, allergies and gastrointestinal problems can interfere with important brain chemicals and cause memory loss, though most often transient.
What about “poor memory”


When you encounter the problem of poor memory, you can check your own causes and take the following measures:


Develop regular living habits, ensure adequate sleep, let the brain work and rest, relax the spirit; Stay away from alcohol and tobacco, strengthen exercise, and actively prevent arteriosclerosis and other diseases.

For the elderly, it is more appropriate to carry out physical activities, in order to increase brain blood flow, so as to enhance brain activity. In addition, but also more brain, more memory, so as not to let the brain in a state of inhibition, nerve cells gradually produce aging decay.

Exercise memory

In ordinary life, can also consciously exercise their memory, increase the opportunity to use the brain, in order to develop brain function, delay the time of decline.

Specifically, you can learn new knowledge, such as learning a foreign language, new skills (painting, gardening or cooking, etc.). In addition, positive suggestion method, fine recall method, time-limited memorization method can also be used to enhance memory ability.

Dietary supplements

In dietary respect, also can take in a few more cerebrum good food, be like vegetable, fruit, milk, egg and fish to wait, auxiliary ground eats the food that contains a few vitamin B, C, reach apricot, banana, grape, orange to wait the food that contains a lot of choline.

In addition, to avoid cake, butter, fried goods, sausage and other foods containing high saturated fatty acids.

Active treatment

Although poor memory is a common physiological phenomenon, people should go to the hospital for treatment of memory loss caused by mental or physical diseases (such as depression, hypothyroidism, cerebral arteriosclerosis, etc.).

For the elderly, if they are accompanied by progressive memory impairment, cognitive dysfunction, personality change, language impairment and other neurological/mental symptoms, and seriously affect social, occupational and life functions, the possibility of Alzheimer’s disease should be considered, and it is best to go to a regular hospital for examination and diagnosis.


Poor memory is not a trivial matter.

Cultivate your daily habits.

To prevent premature memory loss, we should focus on our brain and make it work. This requires us to ensure adequate sleep, develop good living habits, in order to care for the brain, protect memory yo ~

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