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In work/study life, sometimes we will have sudden blurred vision, dizziness and other symptoms. Many friends think that in this case, more rest is good; Or because the vision is not clear, and go to the ophthalmology examination.

In fact, the occurrence of above symptoms, it is likely not the eye out of the problem, but “pituitary tumor” dao ghost.

What is pituitary tumour

At the bottom of our brain, there is the most important and complex endocrine gland “pituitary” in human body, which can be divided into adenohypophysis and neurohypophysis. Among them, adenohypophysis can secrete various hormones in the human body, while neurohypophysis plays an auxiliary role in hormones secreted by hypothalamus.

As the core of the human body secretion system, the pituitary gland controls the secretion of hormones that play an important role in metabolism, growth, development and reproduction, and also stores the anti-diuretic hormone secreted by the hypothalamus. If pituitary tumor, human hormone secretion and hormone play a role will be affected, cause a variety of symptoms.


Pituitary tumors were one of the most common human tumours. Although most pituitary tumors are benign, they can still cause a variety of harm to the human body. Pituitary tumor often occurs in the young and middle-aged period, and has adverse effects on the patient’s growth and development, reproductive function, learning/working ability and other aspects.

The symptoms of a pituitary tumor

The existence of pituitary tumor, will produce a variety of harm to the human body, such as leading to endocrine disorders (sexual decline, menstrual disorders, infertility, etc.) and intracranial nerve compression symptoms (headache, vision decline, hemianopia, etc.).

Pituitary tumor is different, its expression symptom also differs somewhat. For women, some pituitary tumors often show endocrine symptoms, such as menstrual disorders and increased lactation, when the symptoms of early compression are not obvious.

In addition, because the tumor will compress the peripheral nerve tissue, causing headaches, dizziness, vision loss, visual field defects and other clinical manifestations, it is easy to be mistaken for “presbyopia” and other vision problems, so that the treatment was delayed.

How to do pituitary tumor

According to the specific conditions of the disease, the treatment of pituitary tumor mainly includes minimally invasive surgical resection, drug therapy, postoperative radiotherapy and so on.

At present, the most advanced treatment for pituitary tumor is minimally invasive transsphenoidal pituitary tumor resection under neuroendoscopy. The technique is carried out through the natural cavity of the nasal cavity, so there is no scarring, no craniotomy, less trauma, quicker recovery and shorter hospital stay, allowing patients to recover quickly.

Since pituitary tumor has many effects on the endocrine of the human body, patients themselves should learn to deal with worries, self-regulation and actively face life when they encounter relevant problems. Family members should also take care of the patients’ emotions.

In addition, due to the risk of recurrence of pituitary tumor, it is necessary to seek medical attention in time when symptoms such as headache, nausea and vomiting, and vision loss occur.


In addition to symptomatic treatment, in daily life, we can also take the following measures to prevent pituitary tumor:

Diet Healthy in the daily diet, control the intake of high salt, high sugar, high carbohydrate food, and increase the intake of high protein, high vitamin, high iron content food. But also to quit smoking and limit alcohol, in order to enhance their resistance.
Good habits Get enough sleep and do moderate, gentle exercise (not too strenuous) to boost your immune system.

Pituitary tumors are not scary.

Treat it in time.

In case of pituitary tumor, we do not have to be too alarmed. As long as follow the doctor’s advice, actively accept treatment, can reduce the health threat caused by pituitary tumor.

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