Eight things ruined your weight loss! Want to be thin should first blacklist them

Weight loss is a “heat budget” war,

Small partners may have a problem that can not be solved –

Why do you eat in the heat is always excessive?

Why does the body always love silent store it?

Why eat the same food, they will be more fat than others pound it?

In fact, the answer to the question hidden in your side, if the following eight things to do during weight loss, then thin is not down is!

the first

Eat greasy breakfast

☞ Representative food: fried dough sticks, hemp, pancake fruit and so on.

Many people get used to the fritters with soy milk breakfast, do not know the heat is so come.

Whether it is fritters, fried or hemp, these high-temperature fried foods have high oil problems. Breakfast, the most important meal of the day, should contain nutrients such as high quality protein, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. However, after the fried food contains almost all the nutrition is destroyed, can not meet the body’s needs, but also produce carcinogens. In addition, greasy breakfast is difficult to digest, causing stomach discomfort will affect the normal intake of lunch and dinner.

Eight things ruined your weight loss! Want to skin them first blacklist


Prefer artificial food

☞ Representative food: margarine, margarine, ham and so on.

An event was held in the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom, where many critics were invited to select the 10 catastrophes in the history of food. One of them was the day 1886 chemist Mullis invented margarine.

Artificial foods, such as margarine, are harmful to health. There are several reasons:

Contains a lot of trans fatty acids. Plant creamer, creamer, shortening, vegetable butter actually have the same chemical name, that is, trans fatty acids. Trans fatty acids are difficult to be metabolized, accumulation in the body caused by obesity. Trans fatty acids on the human body is also reflected in the cardiovascular, excessive intake of trans fatty acids, will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Excessive heat. Whether it is chocolate pie and other sweets, or ham and other meat, in order to meet the taste, will add fat, starch and other substances. Long-term eating artificial foods, will undoubtedly develop a “high-calorie + low-nutrition” diet, getting fat.

Eight things ruined your weight loss! Want to skin them first blacklist


Insufficient drinking water

☞ representative performance: a day drink less than 1500-1700 ml.

Drinking water is very important, we all know, just do not understand how much water on the human body how much. Water is an important part of the body. When we eat, there is water involved in the digestion and absorption of food. Metabolic waste also needs to be carried by water to excrete it. Therefore, lack of water will have an adverse effect on the function of various organs of the human body and prevent weight loss.

How to judge their lack of water yet? Can be informed from the urine color, if the urine is dark yellow, then your body is in a state of water shortage, the deeper the color, the higher the degree of water scarcity. Dry skin is also a sign of lack of water elasticity.

Healthy adults should usually pay attention to drink plenty of water, or eat vegetables that contain more water and dietary fiber.

Eight things ruined your weight loss! Want to skin them first blacklist


Barbecue night

☞ Representative food: lamb skewers, grilled chicken wings, grilled tenderloin and so on.

Will be fat after supper? In fact, the proper choice is to control calorie intake, and barbecue is definitely not a healthy choice for supper. In addition to super-high-calorie barbecue food, greasy food will also increase the gastrointestinal load, affecting sleep quality. In addition, meat-based barbecues may produce a highly carcinogenic substance called benzopyrene, posing a serious threat to health.

Eight things ruined your weight loss! Want to skin them first blacklist


The fruit as staple food

☞ representative performance: dinner eat only apples.

Fruit is rich in fructose, dietary fiber and vitamins, but if you eat only fruit as a meal, you will make every day the diet of good quality protein, healthy fats and other essential nutrients can not meet the body’s normal physiological needs. If long-term dinner only eat fruit, the body’s endocrine system, digestive system, the immune system will have a negative impact. The body can not get high-quality protein, the long run, muscles and water will continue to drain, let alone lose weight, but will quickly gain weight.

Eight things ruined your weight loss! Want to skin them first blacklist


Love dessert

☞ Representative food: cake, donut, milk tea and so on.

A small piece of cream cake contains fat and sugar, far beyond your imagination! Sweets can provide a large number of simple sugar, some for energy consumption, the other part of the muscle glycogen and glycogen were stored in skeletal muscle and liver, respectively, however, to meet the needs of the above two parts, the rest Will be converted to fat. Not to mention that many sweets have extra additives, may eat a lot of margarine (trans-fatty acids) and harder to consume calories.

Eight things ruined your weight loss! Want to skin them first blacklist


Single dietary choice

☞ Representative performance: imbalance of nutrition intake per meal, such as a lot of carbohydrates and almost no protein.

In order to lose weight a lot of people eat a single food, such as a bread is breakfast, which will lead to lack of nutrition, because protein, dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins are not enough intake. There is also a person who, although eating healthy food, but the choice of food remained unchanged over time tired and unable to shut up.

Do not think of a healthy diet as a “punishment,” and each meal can be changed for the sake of adequate nutrition. The 2016 China Residents Dietary Guidelines recommends that you consume at least 12 foods daily, more than 25 weekly, and a variety of dietary choices will keep you fresh and easier to adhere to.

Eight things ruined your weight loss! Want to skin them first blacklist


Abuse of diet pills

☞ Representative performance: Superstition diet pills, still maintain a poor diet and patterns of life.

Many diet pills and no effect, Moreover, some diet pills will add laxatives, so that those who lose weight constantly excreted to achieve the purpose of weight-loss. In fact, the effect of any diet pills, no less than the “diet + exercise” brought about by the huge changes. Rather than rely on drugs to burn fat (and may also have strong side effects), it is better to start from the root, change the high-calorie diet, develop exercise habits, such weight loss is the most healthy.

Eight things ruined your weight loss! Want to skin them first blacklist

Misunderstandings are far more than just lose weight eight, see if there is no “nutrition + exercise”, if you can not do the weight loss, then change it as soon as possible!